How to contribute to the Grin webpage

Ensure you have a Github account. Then:

  1. Fork the website
    • On, click Fork.
    • Once forking completes, click Settings and enable Github pages.
    • Verify that it works by visiting i.e. if your github name is grinner then replace YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME with grinner.
  2. Edit your fork
    • The lazy/easy option: just open files in your fork and click Edit, then reload the page from your page as above.
    • Or clone your fork locally using git, edit, then push your changes back to your fork in Github:
      git clone
      git remote add upstream
      git fetch --all
      git checkout -b my-task-branch upstream/master
      (add some files, maybe with git add images/illustrative.png)
      git commit -m "added illustration to"
      git push --set-upstream origin my-task-branch
      (then find the link that is displayed, and browse there to easily create a PR)

      In case you push your work in a branch other than master you will not be able to see your changes live in You can either merge your changes in your master branch or deploy the website locally on your host and visit

  3. Upstream your changes

Organizing files

Adding a new file? Follow the guidelines here.

Design changes

Please come discuss design here in the Keybase chat. It seems the logo is now finalized, at least for a while. If your suggestion needs to be shown in context, create a separate page (like and push to your page, then share the link on the design chat etc.

Previous examples – see here for content ideas: