2023 Q1 Transparency Report↗

Grin is strictly non-profit. To keep Grin open and free from controlling influences, the project relies 100% on community donations for its funding needs. We ask any person, corporate entity or institution who sees potential in Grin/Mimblewimble technology to consider donating to the project. We hope that the vibrant cryptocurrency community will help Grin to achieve its goal of providing a reliable, scalable and privacy-driven blockchain implementation that truly belongs to everyone. Donate to the General Fund to be included on the Friends of Grin page.

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Community funding principles

Unlike the vast majority of blockchain projects, Grin's development is not motivated by profit for either its developers or early adopters. As a measure of this, the community has ensured that:

What is the General Fund?

This is the general development fund intended to cover costs related to the ongoing development of the Rust implementation of Grin and the projects under the /mimblewimble Github organization↗. All donated funds will be used towards Grin’s development or promotion. This fund is managed entirely by the Grin Technocratic Council, all spending decisions are made public, and are taken in accordance to the Fund Spending Guidelines↗. The BTC funds are kept in a t-of-n multi-sig wallet, meaning no spending can occur without at least t council members approving the transaction.

Friends of Grin

Grin would not be where it is today where it not for the support received from the long list of individuals, companies, and fellow cryptocurrency projects. We celebrate those and the many others who opted to remain anonymous on our Friends of Grin page. Your contributions, big or small, will always be appreciated.


Information about donation wallet addresses, income and spending logs, and quarterly financial transparency reports are available in the /grin-pm repo↗.