Grin & Grin Wallet 4.0.0 Released

Jul 2 2020 ∙ @yeastplume

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Grin and Grin wallet 4.0.0 have been released and is ready for general use in advance of Grin’s 3rd Hardfork scheduled to occur on block 786240.

A particularly large feature of the 4.0.0 is the implementation of the new Slatepack standard for sending transactions between parties. This standard builds on top of previous work that enabled TOR transactions, and should serve as a foundation for addressing Grin’s long-term usability challenges. Though there may be some pain transitioning to the new work flow I think the long-term results will be worth it.

On the node side, there are many fixes and under-the-hood improvements, as well as initial work to support “No Recent Duplicate” Kernels, a unique approach to relative timelocks (vital for future payment channel support). This is a very new construction so 4.0.0 will allow NRD kernels on floonet to enable testing and further development.

Once again, thanks to everyone on the development team and the community for all of their hard work and continuing energy. This release and enhancements therein are the culmination of thousands of collective hours of thought, discussion, arguing, development, testing, promoting and graft by (I think we can safely say) hundreds of people across many disciplines. The road ahead for Grin remains challenging and uncertain, but I don’t think we could be in a better position to travel it.

Full release notes for both the Node and wallet are linked below:


Grin 4.0.0 Binaries Grin Wallet 4.0.0 Binaries

Release Planning

Planning notes for the 4.0.0 release

Major changes and enhancements


Further Details



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