RFC and governance processes

Grin’s Request For Comments (RFC) process↗ intends to provide a consistent and controlled path for substantial improvements to be made to Grin. Smaller changes, such as bug fixes and documentation improvements, can be implemented and reviewed via the normal GitHub pull request workflow. More major or complex changes can benefit from a more formal process to build consensus among Grin community participants and stakeholders.

The RFC process was used to evolve Grin’s governance↗, defining community principles and the core and sub-team structures. The grin-rfcs repo↗ contains all active RFCs.

Active teams

Core team

Project direction, sub-teams, security, general fund, cross-cutting concerns.

Antioch Peverell

github: antiochp↗

keybase: @antiochp↗

Daniel Lehnberg

github: lehnberg↗

keybase: @lehnberg↗

Jasper van der Maarel

github: jaspervdm↗

keybase: @jaspervdm↗

John Tromp

github: tromp↗

keybase: @tromp↗

John Woeltz

github: j01tz↗

keybase: @joltz↗

Michael Cordner

github: yeastplume↗

keybase: @yeastplume↗

Quentin Le Sceller

github: quentinlesceller↗

keybase: @quentinlesceller↗

Node development team

Protocol and consensus layer, proof of work, grin↗ and grin-miner↗ repositories.

Wallet development team

Transaction building, wallet and associated libraries, grin-wallet↗ repository.